Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Front Porch Makeover for under $150.00

I did a quick makeover to our front porch this morning in under 2 and 1/2 hours (shopping for supplies and cleaning porch included!).  Everything I bought cost under $150.00. 

Having a porch that isn't a dingy mess= Priceless!

I had all of my kids where they needed to be by 9:00 am so I went to Walmart and was shopping by 9:15.  I was done shopping at 10:05.  I bought everything at Walmart for a total of $147.62.

2 fall mum arrangements- $15.95 each
2 20 inch planters- $21.96 each
1 hanging mum- $9.96
2 large outdoor pillows with design- $9.00 each
1 small outdoor pillow- $10.00
1 body pillow- $10.88
round placemat- $2.00
red table cloth- $4.96
wreath- $19.97
jack-o-lantern- $5.97

Okay, let's look at the dreaded "Before" photos:

And here are the "After" photos:

All done by 11:20 so I could pick up and spend time with my favorite 4 year old. : )

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