Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feel a Cold Coming On? Ginger Green Tea with Basil- Cold Remedy

This is a great cold remedy.


7 large basil leaves
1 cup of sliced fresh ginger
10 tea bags of green tea
14 cups water
sugar and milk for serving


1. Boil 14 cups of water in a large pan.

2. Peel ginger with a peeler and slice.

Whole Ginger:

Peeled and Sliced Ginger:

3.  Add Ginger, basil, and tea bags to boiling water.  Boil 15 minutes.


4.  Strain tea into a large pitcher.  I put a small strainer right on top of the pitcher.  Discard tea bags, ginger, and basil.

5.  Serve tea hot or cold.  Add Sugar and milk if desired.

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